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About me

I am a freelance musician, made in '78. I live near Berlin, in the beautiful Havelland, where I also was born. I play the bass and sometimes the guitar in some bands, so I spend much time on the road. Sometimes I record some demos...

My musical career

was kind of straight forward:

While I don't make music

I apply myself to web-development in my humble autodidactical way (e.g. this web-page) or to my GNU/Linux-obsessions. (I'm very proud, that I managed to switch all my computers to GNU/Linux meanwhile! Took me some time and learning, but I'm much happier than before.) At the moment I have running:

Furthermore, I maintain some computers of my friends with Ubuntu LTS.

For relaxation I like to fly some patterns with FlightGear , an open-source flight-simulator. In the net I'm known as chris_blues . In an humble manner I also campaign for a free Internet without ( governmental ) espionage .

My history with computers

is a very long story. To make it as short as possible, I'll try to restrain myself to bring up only a few notes.